Safetrust SABRE MODULE Upgrade

SafeTrust SABRE Module April 30, 2021 Brings touchless mobile credentials, supplier-neutral MIFARE, DESFire, Wi-Fi, and OSDP features to HID iCLASS SE and multiCLASS SE readers. The SABRE Module is a low-cost, 30-second upgrade that brings fast touchless mobile credentials, [...]

4 Ways to Combat Critical K-12 Campus Security Issues

September 8, 2021 • by HID Global  Michael Garcia Although schools have always had emergency plans in place, the changing nature of the threats posed to schools in recent years is a stark and sad reality that makes the need [...]

Customizable Access Control

Customizable Access Control: Get Your Branding on Our End-to-End Security Solution August 10, 2021 What if you could give your customers a unified, end-to-end solution complete with your own branding? Let us help you build a unique, complete Freedom or [...]

Security and Authentication in the Phygital Age

It is no secret we live in a complex world. Enterprises worldwide face a threat landscape spanning digital and physical spheres. The phygital shift also affects the human experience in positive ways, giving us technology to better protect data, people, [...]

Five Ways Access Control Can Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Five Ways Access Control Can Lower Your Carbon Footprint August 24, 2021 • by HID Global, Henrik Hjelte Sustainable solutions are becoming more mainstream and accessible, as many people are recognizing the need to seek greener solutions. In a recent [...]

Passwordless Cybersecurity

Trend Watch: Passwordless Cybersecurity U.S. President Biden’s new Executive Order necessitates agencies to adopt multi-factor authentication (MFA) and encryption for data at rest and in transit to the maximum extent possible. These changes are key elements of a paradigm shift [...]


WORLDWIDE CHIP SHORTAGE AFFECTING THE SMART CARD INDUSTRY From partner Universal Smart Cards! As you may be aware, there is a global shortage of chips in the supply-chain. This is having a huge impact on lead-times and cost across a [...]

Five Facts You Should Know About SSO

Five Facts You Should Know About SSO News from ASAP partner TX Systems 1. What is it? If you have ever opted to “Log in with Facebook” or “Log in with Google” to access an account that is neither of [...]

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