Windows Hello Secured: Simple Biometric Access

Windows Hello Secured: Simple Biometric Access April 13, 2021 • Mike Chaudoin Access Control | Biometrics | Enterprise | Extended Access Technologies What is my password again? Where did I save it?” Passwords are an essential part of our daily [...]

Plug-and-Play Access Control

Trend Watch: Plug-and-Play Access Control Get access control up and running in under 10 minutes. Entry-level Primis Access Control Readers are secure, flexible, and simple to configure. These plug-and-play readers bring the latest technology to traditional access control systems by [...]

Card Technology & Transitioning

Choosing Credentials and Card Technology Sourced from ICT ( ICT is a world leading manufacturer of unified and intelligent electronic access control and security solutions that enable organizations to protect their people, operations and information. Card technology has evolved dramatically [...]

IoT Vaccine Cold Chains

Mission Critical IoT More than half of all vaccine doses are unusable due to mishandling in storage and transit. Learn how RFID-based technology in the IoT reduces vaccine waste. Pharmaceutical temperature control, typically referred to as the "vaccine cold chain", [...]

The Right MFA Solution Protects Your Organization From Attacks

The Right MFA Solution Protects Your Organization From Attacks March 25, 2021 • Milan Khan As our organizations and the IT infrastructures we use are continually evolving, the ways in which they can become vulnerable are equally changing. In recent [...]

Smart 31 & 51 Smarter & Faster Printers

SMARTer: IDP is pleased to announce advanced network security on all of its new SMART-31 and SMART-51 Ethernet Printers. IDP's new network adapters support SNMPv3 Security. What is SNMPv3? Simple Network Management Protocol version 3 (SNMPv3) provides a layer of security for [...]


IDP is pleased to announce the NEW SMART-21 Series Manual-Feed Photo ID Printer.....It offers the smallest size, highest image resolution and fastest print speed in its class. The SMART-21S is compact, easy to use and uniquely designed for small organizations.  The SMART-21 is [...]

Smart Card Readers: How Are They Used?

Smart Card Readers: How Are They Used? This entry posted by ASAP Identification Security partner Universal Smart Cards - 23rd October 2020 What is a Smart Card Reader? Smart cards are a pocket-sized card that has a built-in chip. The [...]

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