LobbyTrack – Reopening after lockdown?

Lobbytrack - Safe Reopening After Lockdown The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis caught all of us off guard, businesses and individuals alike, and the resultant turmoil has spread throughout the world. As we recover and slowly get back to work, one [...]

SMART-BIT Dye-Sub Ribbon Shredder!

Protecting personal information is paramount and the SMART-BIT shredder is specially designed to ensure the secure destruction of used ID Card Printer Ribbon with personal information. Any industry standard photo id card printer ribbon can be loaded and shredder simply [...]

IDP Smart 70 Series printer

SMART-70 consists of 6 different modules (Input Hopper, Printer, Hybrid Flipper, Laminator, Output Hopper, Laser Engraver) that can be configured in various combinations according to different customer requirements. Required modules can be easily added to extend functions depending on your needs. [...]

Preventing Retail Shrink With Biometrics

Posted on 21 Dec 2020 by Vito Fabbrizio Vice President Strategic Innovation and Pre-Sales Fraud and Theft Prevention With the Touch of a Finger Employee theft accounts for the highest percentage of retail shrink in North America — more [...]

Coming Very Soon: The Digital Travel Credential

Posted on 21 Dec 2020 by Steve Warne Senior Director of Product Marketing for Citizen Identification One of the striking things about Identity Week 2020 was how the industry has started to embrace digital identity in all its forms. [...]

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