Risk Management Series: Malware and the Threat to Mobile Banking

Risk Management Series: Malware and the Threat to Mobile Banking October 5, 2021 • Ondrej Valent Banking | Identity Assurance | Identity Management | Security Subscribe An Old Threat Enters a New Era of Financial Crime Malware, or malicious software, [...]

EU: Biometric National ID Cards

The European Union Is Already Rolling Out Biometric National ID Cards for Travel and More September 28, 2021 by HID Partner  Radek Matyasek Until recently, over a billion people traveled within the European Union (EU) or crossed its external borders [...]

Edikio by Evolis

Edikio: plastic tag printing solutions All-in-one solutions featuring a card printer, tag-making software, black plastic cards and a white printing ribbon Up to three software versions A large range of consumables and accessories Edikio: our all-in-one solutions for printing [...]

Safetrust SABRE MODULE Upgrade

SafeTrust SABRE Module April 30, 2021 Brings touchless mobile credentials, supplier-neutral MIFARE, DESFire, Wi-Fi, and OSDP features to HID iCLASS SE and multiCLASS SE readers. The SABRE Module is a low-cost, 30-second upgrade that brings fast touchless mobile credentials, [...]

4 Ways to Combat Critical K-12 Campus Security Issues

September 8, 2021 • by HID Global  Michael Garcia Although schools have always had emergency plans in place, the changing nature of the threats posed to schools in recent years is a stark and sad reality that makes the need [...]

Customizable Access Control

Customizable Access Control: Get Your Branding on Our End-to-End Security Solution August 10, 2021 What if you could give your customers a unified, end-to-end solution complete with your own branding? Let us help you build a unique, complete Freedom or [...]

Security and Authentication in the Phygital Age

It is no secret we live in a complex world. Enterprises worldwide face a threat landscape spanning digital and physical spheres. The phygital shift also affects the human experience in positive ways, giving us technology to better protect data, people, [...]

Five Ways Access Control Can Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Five Ways Access Control Can Lower Your Carbon Footprint August 24, 2021 • by HID Global, Henrik Hjelte Sustainable solutions are becoming more mainstream and accessible, as many people are recognizing the need to seek greener solutions. In a recent [...]

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