Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication, from partner, TX Systems Today's cyber threats are unlike anything we have seen in the past. Advanced hackers, software, and AI have resulted in the need for complete end-to-end security solutions that include advanced authentication and access controls. [...]

HID Global MIFARE®DESFire®Product-Based Credential

HID Global Expands Choices in Physical Access Control with Industry’s Most Feature-Rich Implementation of MIFARE®DESFire®Product-Based Credential AUSTIN, Texas, June 29 2021 – Users of secure credential technologies increasingly want more choices so they can meet the specific needs of a [...]

What Are Access Control Credentials?

Access control is often the first line of defense for organizations. Deployed to control the movement of people based on specified permissions, it is the difference between risk mitigation and susceptibility. Access control systems form the backbone of any successful [...]

Evolution of ID Cards Toward a Digital Version

The ID Card is Changing: 4 Things to Know Before Creating a Digital Version for Your Employees or Customers. New Zebra CardStudio 2.0 software allows you to start with a standard card design or customize your own to ensure digital [...]

Fargo UPTrade 2021

The HID FARGO UPTrade Program is still available in 2021! What is this Program? HID Channel Partners can receive a credit up to $500 (USD), £389 (GBP), or 436€ (Euro) when UPTrading their customer’s old ID card printer for a [...]

Identity and Cybersecurity Solutions for Healthcare

Identiv helps healthcare organizations remain trusted by patients and perform the duty of care without worrying about data breaches. Healthcare organizations are an ongoing criminal target due to the rich data they keep. Patients’ personal information, medical history, as well [...]

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